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What We Do

What We Do

We manufacture and install HVAC systems. Prefabrication is at the core of our manufacturing process. With 17K square feet of shop space, we’ve utilized LEAN management techniques and in house modelling to optimize performance in the fabrication process. Our workstations have been detailed for the ergonomic comfort of our employees while using the latest technology and equipment. Our state-of-the-art machinery and equipment allow our steel fabricators to produce flat stamped, laser-cut, and plasma-cut steel at any length and size to support our clients industrial or commercial facilities, operations, and structures.

Design Build

Specialty Air has extensive experience in the design and installation of HVAC systems to serve commercial and industrial facilities of all types, from new construction to tenant retrofits. We build long-term solutions into the design and engineering phase to avoid operating and maintenance problems. We will work with you to plan and optimize the solution within budget parameters. Our quality products result in greater efficiency, lower energy costs and long-term savings on future maintenance and replacement needs.


The embodiment of Specialty Air’s technological leadership is VDC tools like Building Information Modeling (BIM). Our staff of VDC coordinators can generate innovative dynamic building models that enable us to identify critical components including clash detection and prefabrication. We take VDC a step further and not only utilize it for the basic competencies of visualization and issue detection but also put technology into the hands of the end users and clients. We download our BIM drawings directly into our state of the art CAM software system to facilitate with the fabrication of our work, and to ensure accuracy and quality prior to shipping to project. From this system we are able to provide accurate drawings for the most efficient on-site installation.